JNF Criminal Enterprise

Help in Understanding the Israeli Occupation of Palestine

GOLDSTONE FACTS The Real Story behind Israel's Invasion of Gaza

Palestine/Israel History since 1878 (Video)

Free Palestine Movement

Jewish Mom realizes Zionist upbringing wrong (Video)

Occupation, Colonialism, Apartheid?: A re-assessment of Israel's practices in the occupied Palestinian territories under international law
Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC)

What Israel Doesn't Want You To See

The Great Fear of Israel's Leaders
New Democracy World, John Spritzler, January 27, 2009

Israeli Activist Jeff Halper on Israel/Palestine, Gaza (40MB)
Jeff Halper Interview, The A-Infos Radio Project, Hamilton, January 21, 2009

Why Imperialists and Zionists are Islmophobes?
Dr. Mohamed Elmasry, November 28, 2008

Israeli Occupation on Trial
CJPME, September 2008

Partners for Imperium: B’nai Brith Canada and the Christian Right
Stephen Scheinberg, Outlook July-August 2008

Exclusive Interview with Mordechai Vanunu, (Eileen Fleming from We Are Wide Awake) from taken in January 2008 detailing the infringement of his right to freedom of speech in the so called democracy of Israel Palestine.

Memories of an Israeli soldier in the OT, Thanks for this to Mark in Toronto. As someone who did IDF foot-patrols in El-Burej refugee camp (1973) and Hebron (1982), and worked 24/7 trying to prevent atrocities, and left Israel in 1988 when called up to serve in Jenin during the Intifada. This is not "shoot-and-cry" hypocrisy. This is "We, too, are victims of Israeli militarism, and we, too, need to find a different path.".

Jeff Halper's "Matrix of Control" is a crucial metaphor that is now widely used in the anti-occupation movement.

Distinguishing anti-Semitism from anti-Zionism by Tarqi Ali and the same topic by Judith Butler.

Israel's right to be racist
Joseph Massad, Al-Ahram, March 21, 2007

Laboratory for a Fortressed World
Naomi Klein, June 14, 2007

The Jewish National Fund: A Colonial Racist Instrument
Dr. Ismail Zayid, March 15, Forum

The Case for Boycotting Israel
Virginia Tilley, Counterpunch, August 6, 2006

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, John Dugard

Gaza Jail Break
Palestine Remembered, January 23, 2008

Palestinians break out of Gaza - 23 Jan 08
January 23, 2008

Bethlehem checkpoint, 4am, (video of people trying to get to their jobs)
December 13, 2007

Gaza's medical sector suffers Israeli sanctions, restrictions Report,
The Electronic Intifada, December 6, 2007

Yossi Yakov's video report on Zochrot's commemoration event of the 60th anniversary of the Partition Plan
Zochrot's, Yossi Yakov, November 29, 2007

Next Steps for the Palestinian Solidarity Movement
ZNet, Adam Hanieh, November 15, 2007

The Palestinian City and Zionist de-urbanization
Mahsom, Eli Aminov, November 7, 2007

US Media Reporting on Israel
If Only Americans Knew, as of November 6, 2007

Origin of Arab-Israeli Conflict
Jews for Justice in The Middle East, October 30, 2003

Israel is punishing the student population of the Gaza Strip
Gisha, October 22, 2007

Breaking the Taboo: Why We Took On the Israel Lobby
Gisha, October 22, 2007

The Greatest Story Never Told
Znet, Stephen Lendman, September 17, 2007

The New Apartheid
This Magazine, September/October

Why Israel? (a must read!)
by Jason Kunin, August 19, 2007

Managing Consent: The Art of War, Democracy and Public Relations
by Ramzy Baroud, Znet, August 19, 2007

Saying NO to the Hunters of Goliath
by Gilad Atzmon, Information Clearing House, August 13, 2007

The Israeli Recipe For 2008: Genocide in Gaza, Ethnic Cleansing in the West Bank
by Ilan Pappé, The Indypendent, June 23, 2007

Set of clips from Chavez being interviewed by Al-Jazeera during last Summer's bombardment of Lebanon

Saying NO to the Hunters of Goliath
by Gilad Atzmon, Information Clearing House, August 13, 2007

Short TV clip covers an October 2006 protest organized by NGOs Zochrot ("remembering" in Hebrew) and Artists Without Walls at Rothschild Avenue in Tel Aviv against a “Green Box” displayed by the Jewish National Fund.

Tel Aviv University is asked to acknowledge its past and to commemorate the Palestinian village on which grounds the university was built

Conversations with History: Occupation and Terrorism, with Amira Hass - Host Harry Kreisler welcomes Israeli journalist Amira Hass for a discussion of the Israel occupation, Palestinian terrorism, and the consequences of the conflict for the daily lives of both Israelis and Palestinians.

Dispatches: The Killing Zone - Dispatches reporter Sandra Jordan and producer Rodrigo Vasquez risk their lives to reveal the shocking level of daily violence and murderous hate in the Gaza Strip.

Newsletter of Women’s Organization for Political Prisoners – with updates on Palestinian women inmates (and their infants!) in Israeli prisons

Palestine Remembered Website Updated | Arabic version
Very interesting and informative and useful new material on Palestine Remembered.
August 2007

Palestine in Suicide
Challenge, by Roni Ben Efrat, July/August

Restless Park: On the Latrun Villages and Zochrot (this is a pdf file)
by Eitan Bronstein, Translated by Charles Kamen, Zochrot ["Remembering"]

Gilad Atzmon Interviewed
by Mary Rizzo, Information Clearing House, July 5, 2007

Video Interview - John Pilger reviews 40 years of US and UK foreign policy
John Pilger, reviews the last 40 years of U.S. and U.K Foreign policy, Its costs and effects on an unsuspecting world.

Not so cool facts about Israel
A recently discovered video on YouTube. This link will open in a popup window.

History Erased and in Hebrew
by Meron Rapoport, Haaretz, July (?), 2007

Gaza showdown
from Impressions, by James M. Wall, July 10, 2007

Economic Siege and Closure of Border Crossings Is Leading to an Imminent Humanitarian Crisis
from PCHR, Press Release, June 27, 2007

Report of UN Special Envoy Alvaro de Sot
from Guardian Unlimited, by Ian Black, June 13, 2007

"The US clearly pushed for a confrontation between Fateh and Hamas - so much so that, a week before Mecca, the US envoy declared twice in an envoys meeting in Washington how much "I like this violence", referring to the near-civil war that was erupting in Gaza in which civilians were being regularly killed and injured, because "it means that other Palestinians are resisting Hamas".

As Hamas Seizes Full Control of Gaza and US Prepares Further Isolation, What Next for Palestinians? June 15, 2007
With Hamas now in full control of the Gaza Strip following a week of deadly violence, Palestinians are bracing for further uncertainty as the Occupied Territories is divided with the other main Palestinian faction Fatah. We go to Gaza for a report from independent journalist Fares Akram, and get analysis from Palestinian filmmaker and journalist Laila el-Haddad and author and Electronic Intifada co-founder Ali Abuminah.

Not so cool facts about Israel
A recently discovered video on YouTube. This link will open in a popup window.

The Psychosocial causes for the Palestinian Factional War
 by: Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj, 14 February 2007

Eyad El-Sarraj is a psychiatrist working out of the Gaza mental health centre. He does not spare his criticism of Palestinian failings, but rightfully  places the roots of the Gaza war at the doorstep of Israeli occupation and torture.

A Brief Historical Survey of Zionism & the Israel-Palestine Conflict
by Wally Brooker

The Madrid Conference Opening Speeches October 30-31, 1991
address given by Dr. Haidar Abdul Shafi (Head of the Palestinian Delegation)

One State or Two? Rashid Khalidi & Ali Abunimah on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
November 28, 2006, Democracy Now

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