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Past Selections From the News

Selections From the News - May 2009

Settler Violence and Police Indifference
Across the Borderline, Jesse Hochheiser, May 30, 2009

Banner Day
The Star, Antonia Zerbisias, May 29, 2009

Israel could learn from Sorry Day
theage.com.au, Yakov Rabkin, May 29, 2009

Political banners OK with Pride Toronto
National Post, Joseph Brean, May 29, 2009

Toronto Pride organizers ban anti-Zionist group
National Post, Joseph Brean, May 27, 2009

Artists fear censorship after outcry over Seven Jewish Children
CBC Radio, Hosted by Jian Ghomeshi, May 13, 2009

The Academic Boycotts and Contemporary Conflict Series: Debate on the Academic Boycott of Israel
York University, May 11, 2009

Environment Emerges as a Major Casualty
IPS, Erin Cunningham, May 4, 2009

The Israel Boycott is Biting
Middle East Online, May 1, 2009


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