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Past Selections From the News

Selections From the News - May 2008

A Change Needs to Come
Avigail Abarbanel, Electronic Intifada, May 26, 2008

Claiming neutrality on Palestinian suffering unacceptable: doctor
Liam Lahey, Annex The Guardian, May 23, 2008

IDF kills Gazan during Karni protest
AP and Yaakov Katz, Jerusalem Post, May 23, 2008

Israel Arrests Outspoken Academic Norman Finkelstein
Democracy Now, May 23, 2008

New ILO report on the situation of workers of the occupied Arab territories
International Labour Organization, May 22, 2008

Rashid Khalidi: Liberation Deferred
Rashid Khalidi, Occupation Magazine, May 21, 2008

FM Livni, the Nakba is not going to disappear!
Dror Etkes, Ynet, May 18, 2008

We fought apartheid; we see no reason to celebrate it in Israel now!
End The Occupation South Africa Message of Support, The Citizen, May 15, 2008

Palestinians mourn 60th anniversary of 'the Catastrophe
Rachel Stevenson, Guardian, May 15, 2008

CanWest: Media Bully
Redacted/Working TV, May 14, 2008

IOF Murders and Collective Punishment in Gaza Continue; Al Mezan Calls for Urgent International Intervention
Ben Merhav, Al Mezan, May 12, 2008

There is no civil war in Lebanon; there is a war against the resistance
Nadia Hasan, The Palestine Think Tank, May 12, 2008

Israeli Police Attack on Peaceful Al Nakba Demo in Nazareth
Alarz.TV, May 12, 2008. This link will open in a popup window.

Israeli Army Raid and Loot Hebron Orphanage home to 110 girl
May 10, 2008. This link will open in a popup window.

Progressive Jews Expelled from Israel's Birthday Event and Banned from Benaroya Hall
TML Daily, May 9, 2008

Toronto Al Nakba Press Conference
SmugMug, May 9, 2008

Celebrating 60 years of Israeli 'apartheid state' an insult, Palestinians say
The Canadian Press, May 9, 2008

Palestinians see no cause to celebrate
The Toronto Sun, Brett Clarkson, May 9, 2008

Israeli festivities slammed
London Times, (Canadian Press), Colin Perkel, May 9, 2008

Canadian Arab Federation NEWS RELEASE: Ambassador's Bigoted Views Unwelcome in Canada
CAF, May 8, 2008

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